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The Secret We Learned About Detaching With Love

If you love an addict, you've probably heard the phrase "detach with love"

Shay heard it all the time when she was looking for answers, and for hope.  The problem was no one ever explained it in a way she felt like she could do it.  She always ended up feeling like if she detached with love she would end up losing Tom more than she already had.

We don't want you to feel that way anymore.  Join us as we share exactly what detaching with love looked like for Shay and how it ended up influencing Tom without her even knowing it.


7 years ago my family saved my life.  Shay was my angel then, and she still is today.  My parents have always been my rock.  It is because of them I am still alive.

After watching addiction destroy me, and our family, for over a decade, they were lost and didn't know where to turn.  I was no longer their son. I was no longer her husband. I was only a shell of the person I once was.  When numerous attempts at detox, counseling, rehab, and all that goes along with recovery didn't help, they were left feeling even more hopeless. 

I'm grateful they didn't give up on me when I had given up on myself.  I'm grateful they kept praying.  I'm grateful they kept telling me they loved me.  My family gave me the strength to overcome addiction and remember who I really was. 

I'm grateful today to be able to bring a message of hope to families like mine. Families that know the person they love is still somewhere inside, and still fighting for life. I want you to know that YOU can make a difference.  YOU can remind them of who they really are.  You can be the influence that helps them find recovery.

I know you can because that is exactly what my family did for me.  It's why we believe in Empowered Family Recovery.



I grew up in Springville, Utah and I am the baby of 5 children. My older Brother and I have been very close our entire lives, so close in fact that in High School I started dating his Best Friend who I ended up marrying 3 years later. We now have 1 divorce, 2 marriages and 4 children together, the rest is history.

Even though I knew Tom struggled with addiction when we started dating, I didn't understand the full impact it would have on me, and on our relationship. I was young and I thought I could love him out of it.

As I found out, and most of you know, loving away addiction doesn't work. Nothing actually changed until after 9 years of struggle together he made the decision to leave addiction behind and then followed that decision with action.

Now, over 6 years later we couldn't be happier. Without the constant fear and stress I get to do more of the things I love.  Like baking goodies, making photo books, and reading. My most favorite thing to do though is spend time with my family. Especially when it involves trying out new crazy Yoga moves or having dance parties in our Kitchen. 


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