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Sharing our story of recovery and rebuilding relationships is something we are grateful to be able to do, and we put a lot of ourselves into it.  But, As much as we love our story,                  

 Best Foote Forward is about YOU.                    About YOUR STORY.

About no longer living in fear of addiction.  About being supported in your struggles and celebrated in your victories.  About taking care of yourself and feeling good about doing it.

Let Our Recovery Story Help Guide You To Yours

If you have ever loved an addict you have probably said to yourself

I don't know what to do.  I've tried everything I can think of.  What do I do next?  We've asked ourselves the same questions.  And while we can't tell you your own answers.  We can share ours as a way to help you find yours.

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I grew up in Springville, Utah and I am the baby of 5 children. My older Brother and I have been very close our entire lives, so close in fact that in High School I started dating his Best Friend who I ended up marrying 3 years later. We now have 1 divorce, 2 marriages and 4 children together, the rest is history.

Even though I knew Tom struggled with addiction when we started dating, I didn't understand the full impact it would have on me, and on our relationship. I was young and I thought I could love him out of it.

As I found out, and most of you know, loving away addiction doesn't work. Nothing actually changed until after 9 years of struggle together he made the decision to leave addiction behind and then followed that decision with action.

Now, over 6 years later we couldn't be happier. Without the constant fear and stress I get to do more of the things I love.  Like baking goodies, making photo books, and reading. My most favorite thing to do though is spend time with my family. Especially when it involves trying out new crazy Yoga moves or having dance parties in our Kitchen. 



Growing up at home with my younger brother was so much fun. Family time, sports teams and church on Sundays were all important parts of my childhood.  Although I had all of the support and love I needed at home, I became addicted to drugs while trying to fit in by the time I was 15.  Our family spent the next 14 years battling addiction.

Gratefully, I was able to overcome addiction with the help of many people, primarily my family.  I've spent the last 6 years living life full out.  Sometimes even trying to get back the teenage years I lost to addiction by listening to my music to loud, trying to jump the wake on a wake board, or barreling down the mountain on a snowboard.  

I also love coming in 2nd place to my son in backyard foot races, imagining what is possible in the world of my daughter, having tickle wars with my 2 littlest munchkins, and sharing it all and more with Shay.

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